Magical roads on Costa Rica

Magical and mysterious roads on Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the country with the most paved roads in Central America. Most important towns are connected by roads in good conditions that allow smooth transit, important for transporting goods and services.

But still, the country has many undeveloped roads, well, that does not sound good unless you are in an off-road motorcycle, in that case, it sounds like an opportunity for adventure.
With the right vehicle, these roads become magical, that sensation of going into the unexplored, one has that feeling these ways were built just of a few chosen ones, taking us to an undiscovered or unknown for most people.

In Pura Vida Motorbike we count with the perfect bikes for riding in these routes. Also, our Off-Road tour is specialized in taking these kinds of roads to reach less known but equally beautiful destinies, beaches, national parks, small towns, waterfalls and other attractions which can be reached only through these routes.