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Pura Vida Motorbike

Created in 2016, Pura Vida Motorbike is a tourism and motorcycle rental company Ktm and Kawasaki in Costa Rica.
This dynamic company will help you discover the true meaning of Pura Vida and visit the most beautiful places, outside the tourist route. All our motorcycles have less than 30,000 km, are kept in KTM and our mechanical guide checks them before and during each departure. We also have spare motorcycles.
Our goal is to guarantee the pleasure of driving in all serenity and immerse it in the atmosphere, local customs and answer all your questions and expectations.


The Best Periods To Ride In Costa Rica

From November to March is the dry season, it hardly rains and temperatures even at altitude are very pleasant. They are however warmer on the coast.
This is the ideal time to ride any time of the day and enjoy the many beaches, waterfalls and national parks of Costa Rica. Concernant wetter period from April to October, all the splendor of the country takes again these rights thanks to a few thunderstorms in the late afternoon.
This is the best time to visit Costa Rica because there are a lot less tourists, the temperatures come down and especially the flora and fauna are at their peak.

Roads on Costa Rica

Roads on Costa Rica

The roads of Costa Rica are all different, due to variations in altitude, to seismic zones. Most of the plain and mountain asphalt roads are new and are very pleasant to ride in more incredible scenery than the others.
The unpaved roads are also in very good condition and regularly maintained, we can meet some passages a little more difficult due to rainy seasons that dig ruts. The laws are relatively flexible, as long as we do not exceed the limits, there are no speed radars and roadside checks are infrequent.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

According to the World Peace Index, Costa Rica is one of the highest ranked countries. You can really feel a climate of serenity all over the country. Like 10 countries in the world, Costa Rica is one of the few to have no army since 1948. Costa Rica is the oldest democracy in Central America.
There are 10 volcanoes in the country, some of which are still active and some of which have incredible natural hot springs, the highest of which is the Irazu, which rises to more than 3400 meters above sea level. Surf is ubiquitous on almost every beach in the country, more than a culture a second religion. One of the longest rolls in the world is here in Boca Baranca.
The motorcycle is a very popular means of transportation in Costa Rica and some excels in the field.


The Local Population

The Costa Ricans where (Ticos) are simple people of incomparable kindness, they are always ready to give you a hand where to guide you in the most remote areas.
sThe lifestyle is rather in a Latino mood, smile, salsa and as in most Latin American countries the religion is very oriented towards Catholicism. Pura Vida is the art of living without worrying about tomorrow or zero stress.
The Ticos use this phrase to greet, thank, reassure, almost all the time. Translated it means “pure life” and it’s really the feeling that you feel when you wake up every morning.

The Biodiversity

The Biodiversity

Costa Rica has the greatest biodiversity in the world’s square kilometers. Its territory of only 51,000 km / 2 is home to more than 500,000 different species of animals and plants, about 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Thanks to a policy directly oriented towards green tourism, Costa Rica is one of the few countries to have classified more than 25% of its territory in protected zones and national parks.
A population is a government in line with ecotourism so that we can all benefit in harmony from this little piece of green paradise. About 10% of the world’s butterflies live in Costa Rica.
The country is known as the “capital of hummingbirds”, it has more than 52 different species listed on its territory. By 2018 it had more than 20,000 species of spiders, a world record! Sea turtles come to nest each year on some Pacific beaches. We can also see a very large population of dolphins, whales, and incredible marine biodiversity.


Some Tips To Find Your Flight

From Europe, the cheapest flights are from Madrid and nothing prevents you from creating your own itinerary from your city. Obviously, we recommend flight comparators and online booking sites such as Momondo, Opodo, Edreams.
Much cheaper than physical tourism agencies and airlines. Prices on these sites may vary, only by playing on the change of a date of your trip. To avoid algorithms (automatic price reinforcement), we recommend that you search for your flight from the same ID address, and finally, when you find an interesting flight, go into an incognito mode (open Google Chrome, click on the three small dots above on the right and another click on New private navigation window) or change your ID address … Buying your plane ticket in advance is also a good alternative to overpriced flights. We recommend that you start looking as soon as you have your dates.
We can also help you find your flight.